Did you notice that there are more and more vegan people and that the businesses targeting vegans are making a lot of money? Are you wondering how to welcome vegan guests in your Airbnb the right way?

The vegan niche is a great niche for your short term rentals, because the competition is not that high yet and targeting this niche is enabling you to set a higher night rate.

However, before jumping right into this niche you should get to know them first.

welcome vegan guests Airbnb

This is true for every niche, if you don’t know their needs, what they love, what they hate, you will be getting bad reviews and that’s not what we want!

Be sure not to miss # 6 before hosting vegans!

Let me help you as a vegan host by telling you today what are the things that vegan guests love to be welcomed with when arriving in an Airbnb!

1- Finding pictures of cute animals relaxing in the grass in the bedroom

Vegan people love animals. They will love if you put some nice pictures of cute pigs.

2- Real vegan breakfast options

Offering breakfast is not a must.

However, if you do it and you mention that you are adapted to vegan guests, then you should really have some options apart from a toast, peanut butter and jam.

Have a non-diary milk option:

Califia Farms Oatmilk Barista Blend, Dairy Free, Whole30, Keto, Vegan, Plant Milk, Non-GMO, Unsweetened, 32 Fl Oz (Pack of 6)
  • oat and cashew milk are the most creamy, thus they are the best options to pour in coffee or tea

Some dairy free yogurt is highly appreciated as well.

You could offer some vegan sausages, ham, vegan cheese, vegan croissants. Basically offer the same that what you offer to a non vegan, but with the animal free alternative.

3- Welcome them with vegan snacks to go with coffee or tea

What does vegan snacks mean?

It should not contain any animal product: neither egg, milk, milk chocolate, butter, yogurt, cream, …

Be sure to check before, usually the vegan products have the label “Vegan” on it. Most supermarkets nowadays have some vegan options for everything.

For more choices, you should go to a organic shop. Find the vegan shops on HappyCow.

Which usual snacks are vegan?

If you want to buy something common, then Oreos is your choice.

To offer some good environmental friendly solutions, you can buy nuts in bulk and fill a big jar with a mix of nuts.

Put your Instagram account name on the jar with “Welcome to our place”, vegan guests, will love this gesture!

Do you want to prepare something homemade to welcome your vegan guests?

Here are some plant-based snack recipes:

– those amazing vegan cookies

-homemade hazelnut spread “fake nutella”

4- Show that you love animals

If you are a pet-friendly place, then having some dog beds in the bedroom will definitely make your guests take a picture of it to post on Instagram!

As I mention in my webinar in details, adding little details in your property for FREE promotion on Social Medias is a big plus for your long term investment!

5- Have an environment friendly Airbnb

Reusable K Cups For Keurig 2.0 & 1.0 Brewers Universal Fit For Easy To Use Refillable Single Cup Coffee Filters - Eco Friendly Stainless Steel Mesh Filter (Pack of 4)

Have reusable grocery bags

Offer some insulated water bottle

Use some reusable coffee pods for your Keurig coffee machine.

Get some different waste bins for recycling

Put big refillable bottles of cruelty-free shower gel/shampoo

Have a water filter on your kitchen tap to not have to buy bottled water.

6- Have no animal products for your pillows, beddings, toiletries or decoration

Non-feather pillows should be standard to adapt your property in order to attract vegan guests.

If your Airbnb is mentioned to be for vegan and you have something made from wool, feather, animal skin, leather, or some hunting decoration, you can be sure that you will get bad word of mouth in the vegan community.

Usual toiletries are not cruelty free as they are usually tested on animals, which is a big no for vegan travelers. Always have some label vegan / cruelty free

7- Have a list of vegan friendly restaurants and cafe in the area

Finding vegan restaurants is not always easy, so if you give them a list of good vegan restaurants or cafes in your area, you can be sure that they will be deeply grateful to you!

To do this, you can ask in the local vegan facebook groups and you can also find recommendations on HappyCow.

8- Have some good tools and some basics for cooking in the kitchen

Finding a vegan restaurant near your property is not always easy and in general, vegan people love cooking!

They will be happy to have some olive or coconut oils, some spices, good knives.

9- Have some vegan books or vegan magazines

I love it when I go to a place and where I can read through the book or magazines collection during my relaxing time.

Each magazine will vary depending on the country you live in, so I guess the best is to check your newspaper shop to see if you can find some magazine talking about vegan food or plant-based lifestyle.

For the books, here is a list of good vegan books for children, so it’s perfect if some families are staying at your place.

You can also find here a complete list of the favorite books for vegans!

I want to hear from you, have you ever had to welcome vegan guests in your Airbnb?

Do you want to become the next trendy destination for vegans worldwide ?

Check out my course to adapt your Airbnb for vegan travelers.


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