Zero Waste Tribe and me

Hello and welcome to your Zero Waste Tribe,

Who am I ?

My name is Natacha, I am French. I left France in 2010 and have lived and traveled around the world since then.

Drinking with my Stainless steel straw

In 2018, I became a mom. What was important for me about Zero Waste before, became even more important!

As Vegan and Zero waste, I have always showed my relatives how a sustainable lifestyle is not that difficult.

Traveling Zero waste in Asia

Now, I want to take a step further and help more people.

For this, I decided to create this Zero Waste & Vegan Lifestyle Blog.

How did I decide to create this blog?

While traveling in Asia for 3 months at the end of 2018, I noticed how much waste there was there.

I realized that I wanted to impact more people to build a greener world together.

One person can do something, but joining strength with people everywhere is easier. Be part of the change and join our Zero Waste Tribe now.

Refusing a straw in a restaurant is good, but not everyone does it. It’s the same with recycling, it’s only the top of the iceberg!

Eco restaurant on Koh Tao Thailand

The question is why providing those non eco friendly products in the first place?!

Getting to the root of the problem is better. For instance, not offering a plastic straw in the first place to anyone.

Where will we start to act for a Greener world?

The young Swedish girl Greta Thunberg is a great example. Her speech went viral. One reason for it was that it was coming from the mouth of the young generation!

They are the future! The planet is their planet! Let’s help them and show them that we really do our best to let them enjoy the nature as we could!

Let’s not leave them with a sea of plastic. It will prevent all the sea animals from dying because of plastic. Let’s stop cutting all the forests which give them oxygen to breathe!

If you want to play a role in that change, you can contact me now to join our Zero Waste Tribe for a Greener World!

Zero Waste living beginners Challenge

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