Are you, like me, a mom thinking that it’s time to have some good books for your vegan children ?

Are you a new mom looking for some nice book for your baby?

Do you want to be sure to have books that focus on compassion and empathy towards all living creatures?

Are you looking for the best gift for Christmas, a birthday or a Baby Shower for vegan people?

I know that it’s not easy to find the right book for vegan toddlers. It has to be nice to read with them and you have to be sure that it follows your values.

As a vegan mom, I make sure that the things I buy are speaking to our lifestyle choices.

vegan books best 2019 kids

That’s why, I decided to make this list to make it easier for vegan parents or for people looking to make gifts to their vegan friends or family members.

If you are like me, you will love to check the best vegan children books listed below. In fact, writing this I just want to read them all again with my daughter!

Be sure to check the last ones, which are not as famous as some others on this list, but are just as fantastic!

Animal rescue

Top Vegan Children Books Animal rescue

OMG, I just love this book! It’s so easy and simple for kids. They are the hero while reading the book: they can turn the transparent page and come to the rescue of the animals!!

This is only an illustration book, so you can adapt the message to your kids age.

This is an amazing gift for kids! They will love it!

If animals kissed good night
vegan children books

If animals kissed good night.

Just looking at the title and the cover, this made me want to buy this book!

If animals said I love you
vegan children books

If animals said I love you

The follow-up of the “If Animals kissed good night”

As sweet as the first one, again showing us that animals are like us.

Help Yourself – Plant-based cookbook for kids

Top Vegan Children Books
help yourself plant-based cookbook

If your kids are like mine, they probably love to do everything like you!

This cookbook is perfect to let them cook with you some vegan dishes!

I highly recommend it as your children will be so excited to cook with mommy! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program. It means that at no extra additional cost for you, I may earn a commission if you purchase something using this link. Thank you for your help.

An unordinary lion

vegan kid reading books

This is my daughter’s favorite book right now! She loves looking at the different animals in it and I love the story with the rhythms!

An Unordinary Lion by [Vucic Dekic, Dragana]

Nice story to teach kids that it’s possible to not eat meat and still be strong, run fast, be clever, etc. It can help kids reply to questions asked by the non-vegan friends in a nice way, identifying themselves with the lion in that story.

Layla Escapes the Zoo

Top Vegan Children Books
Layla Escapes the zoo

Has your kids’ school planned a day at the zoo? You would prefer your child not to go and want to let him/her understand why zoos are not good places for animals?

This is just the perfect educational book for parents to tell their kids in a good way why they don’t want to take them to the zoo!

The story and the colors of this book make it great to read with your vegan children.

Top Vegan Children Books
V is for Vegan

V is for Vegan

This book is great because it’s done with humour and at the same time explains kids about animal rights and vegan diet.

I love the fact that she also put some educational sentences in it. It’s perfect even for very young kids as there is nothing gross in it!

Veggie Vero Superhero Adventures

Top Vegan Children Books
Veggie Vero

I love this book, not only for the story in itself, but also for the woman behind it. She is so dedicated to write beautiful books for kids about the vegan lifestyle but also about yoga. I love her!

She is writing a book serie with a vegan girl as a superhero. Perfect for little vegan kids to identify themselves!

Vegan is Love

Vegan is Love

Another book from Ruby Roth.

I love this one because it’s including a part with actions that children can take to create a more compassionate and sustainable world.

Some vegan kids even want to give it to other non vegan family members for Christmas present, before they eat their meat dishes!

Santa’s First Vegan Christmas

Top Vegan Children Books
Santa first Vegan Christmas

I guess most of us love the holiday spirit around Christmas, right?

This tale might makes you love Christmas even a bit more.

The author Robin Raven revised the old traditions of Christmas to see it from another angle. It puts joy and kindness back into this holiday spirit to get back to the true meaning of Christmas.

The lovely verses which rhyme are great to make it a nice reading time with your kids.

The book remembers adults and kids that we should save our planet and its resources. A perfect book for parents caring for the environment as well.

Top Vegan Children Books
Esther the Wonder Pig

The adventures of Esther Wonder Pig

Have you followed the story of the baby piggy Esther the Wonder Pig, Steve and Derek on the Social Media?

This tale is based on the true story from this little piggy, which is not so small anymore!

It’s written by Esther’s dads themselves after they created their Animal Sanctuary!

The story of unconditional love and compassion in this children book is perfect for everyone and the illustrations are just so beautiful!

That’s not my Momma’s Milk

Top Vegan Children Books
that's not my momma's milk

I have to admit that I love this book because I am both a breastfeeding and vegan mom!

I think that it’s super easy to compare other to other mammals to understand that cow milk is for the calves and not for us.

This book is amazing for babies and very young vegan kids. They will love looking at each animal nursing their mothers and at the end of the book, seeing a human mom nursing her baby, like they do.

Libby Finds Vegan Sanctuary

Top Vegan Children Books
libby find vegan sanctuary
thanksgiving story

Great board book for younger kids.

Do you hate the Thanksgiving period and all the turkeys that are killed at that time? Then, this book is perfect for you and your kids!

By the way it’s a real life story from a turkey in a sanctuary in Florida!

It’s a tale that your kids will love and it will make them feel this sense of responsibility to help the animals not be killed and eaten. It will empower them!

T-Veg The Story of a Carrot-Crunching Dinosaur

Top Vegan Children Books
story to accept others difference
T-Veg the story of a carrot crunching dinosaur

I love this book because it shows children that being different is OK! This is an issue that a lot of vegan kids and thus us parents face: the difficulties for our kids as vegan in social situations with their friends.

It helps vegan kids to know how to fit into our omnivore society.

A perfect tale to teach kids to be themselves without trying to please everyone and to accept others’ differences.

That’s why we don’t eat animals

Top Vegan Children Books
that's why we don't eat animals

Perfect book to explain the easy way what veganism is about.

A word of caution : better for not too young kids. More suitable for age 7 and older, as it can be too much for younger kids.

I am Peace

Top Vegan Children Books
I am peace

Feeling like you are overwhelmed by our chaotic life and you are afraid to transmit that to your kids?

This book is amazing for toddlers with the sentences to relax and be grounded again.

Kids can throw tantrums sometimes, so such books might help them to have the tools in such difficult situations.

And you know what? Not only will you buy this book for a kid, you will buy it for you as well. It’s perfect to you as parents to feel more at peace.

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t need a little reminder once in a while to be more living in the present and be more relaxed? I can for sure raise my hand high on this one, I need those reminders!

Care for our world

Top Vegan Children Books
Care for our world

Let me tell you one thing: the moment I read each page of the book, I feel so happy! It’s so nice to read “I care for all creatures no matter how small”.

An amazing book, which will touch directly the heart of all kids, as it’s full of empathy and compassion. Another book, which is a perfect gift for Christmas!

The illustrations are amazing and goes well with this very important message for our earth!

Top Vegan Children Books
Not a nugget

Not a nugget

This book is amazing in the sense that it links the food to the animal it comes from. Many non vegan kids and adults tends to make the link between the two.

It’s the perfect book to help your kids reply to their friends’ question in a gentle way when they ask them why they don’t eat meat. They have sentence like “I am not a hot dog”. It couldn’t be clearer!

Sprig the Rescue Pig

Sprig the rescue pig

Lovely story about a pig, which when on its way to the slaughter house decides that there is something better for him out in the world.

It will meet its new best friend a little girl.

An amazing story about compassion and kindness towards animals. Teach us that pets and other animals are no different.

All kids and parents just love this book!

We’re Vegan

Top Vegan Children Books
We're vegan

A great children books with rhymes to explain to kids what veganism is and encourage them to inspire others.

Everyone who bought this book is recommending it to others looking for children books for vegans or vegetarians.

The reason why this book is great is that it’s cute, has great illustrations and explains everything in perfect terms for kids.

It’s good for kids aged over 2 years old. There is no scary illustrations!

I’m a Supervegan: A Confidence-Building Children’s Book for Our Littlest Vegans

I'm a Supervegan
Top Vegan Children Books

Last addition to the children book list for vegans.

It’s a great book to show vegan kids that how they are helping the world and the animals by being vegan.

It helps them to be more confident about their eating choices. It will empower them to feel like a superhero.

As a vegan mom, I am so happy to see that many people who loved this book, aren’t even vegan themselves!! The world is changing mamas!!

The little carrot storybook cottage Gina Marie’s books

vegan kids toddlers book

Latest one to be added on the list is one author I have just discovered in a Vegan Mom Group on Facebook. Her last book is full of vegan nursery rhymes and fairytales.

I can’t wait to get my hand on it and her other books!

Time for you to enjoy reading with your kids!

I had a lot of fun writing this list of top vegan books for children. Now, I would love to know any other books that could be added to this list. What’s your toddler’s favorite book? Share it with us in the comments!

Please remember to pin me!

top vegan children books
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