Coronavirus is a tragedy worldwide but for me, it’s showing us one thing. Our planet is telling us that we need to slow down. Moreover, I think one big lesson from this crisis is that we need to be as much self-sufficient as possible! That’s why, I decided to create this list of best movies about sustainability / climate change to watch in 2020!

One word before you watch those movies. Don’t watch those movies and be depressed at the end. Watch those movies, share them and share your daily actions to change 🙂 We don’t need to be perfect to change the world, but everyone needs to take imperfect actions to make it better!

documentaries on climate change sustainability

A. Movies to make you learn something about climate change and our impact on it

1. Cowspiracy : movie full of facts and one big theory on climate change. Available on Netflix or Youtbe

For information, I turned vegan the day I watched Cowspiracy. I just couldn’t know the truth but ignore it!

2 Chasing Coral: our impact on the ocean!

3. Mission Blue: our impact on the ocean

4 Racing extinction

5 Sand

5 Food Inc

B. Movies to make you learn something about plastic waste facts

documentaries plastic waste sustainability

1. Bag it

2. Tapped: Plastic Water bottle waste facts

For information, ways to reduce your consumption of water bottles can be: 1. install a filter at home (I have TappWater in Spain) 2. buy a refillable water bottle to have with you when going out.

3. Plastic planet:

4. A plastic Ocean

C. Movies to make you learn something about food waste facts

1. Just eat it

documentaries food waste sustainability

2. The Clean Bin Project

3 War on waste

D. Movies to help you learn how to live a minimalist lifetsyle

1 Tiny

2 The Story of stuff

E. Movies to help you learn about how to grow your own food in cities

1 Growing cities: documentary about urban farming

documentaries urban farming sustainability

F. Movies talking about the impact of fast fashion

documentaries fast fashion impact sustainability

1 The true cost

G. Movies talking about the impact of uses of resources on climate change

1 Gasland

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Your turn now: do you know any other movies that deserves to be on this list? Let me know in the comments!

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