Zero Waste Recipes for your Bathroom

Zero waste DIY Toothpaste powder recipe with coconut oil 

I got this recipe from my friend Monica, who is very much into minimalism and zero waste lifestyle.

Before trying this recipe, I had tried another recipe myself, and a store-bought solid toothpaste, but this recipe is by far the best I have used!

The coconut oil helps to not taste so much the bicarbonate of Sodium, which is usually not nice in mouth and the essential oil gives a fresh taste as well.

How to make this DIY Zero Waste Toothpaste recipe?

Mix everything together (you might have to warm up the coconut oil if it’s solid) and put them in a jar.

zero waste diy toothpaste recipe with coconut oil

Zero waste recipe for DIY Laudry Detergent liquid – the most natural recipe! No need of  borax! 

I found this recipe from Julie Bernier’s book “Zero Dechet” (book in French).

When I saw how to make this DIY laundry detergent for such a natural ingredient that grows everywhere, I knew I had to try it! I couldn’t believe it!

So, with my daughter, we went to my parents’ garden (still in lockdown here in France!) and took some ivy leaves from the trees!

In the past, I had already done my own DIY laundry detergent, but it required much more ingredients than this one! Moreover, you had to go to a special shop to buy those ingredients first (then, they last you for a very long time, but at first, there is a cost)

How to make this DIY Zero Waste natural laundry detergent recipe?

  • 50 leaves of ivy
  • 1 liter of water
  • some drops of essential oils
  1. Pick 50 leaves of ivy, wash them with clear water.
  2. Put them with 1 L of water in a pot, make sure all the leaves are covered with water and boil the water for 15 minutes with a lid
  3. Take them off from heat and leave them in the water for 24 hours still with the lid on the pot
  4. Store the water in a bottle (compost the leaves)
  5. Use 15cl per laundry – Can be stored without direct sunlight exposure for 3 weeks.

If you need to wash something very dirty, you can add one Tbsp of sodium bicarbonate.

If you need to wash something white, you can add one Tbsp of sodium percarbonate.

Over to you, what are your favorite DIY recipe for green cleaning & bathroom products?

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